10 amazing life quotes,will keep you inspire in your difficulties

10 Amazing quotes,that will inspire you in difficulties.

In everyone’s life at time comes, when you are too much tired and feels very low either with personal or professional life because everyone knows life is not only a bed of roses but it also contains thorns with it.

Life is not only a bed of roses...... rose 2
Life is not only a bed of roses……


Here are some very amazing life quotes that will  inspire you at that moment.This are not very rare and special quotes, these are very common and simple quotes but it will help you amazingly .


All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.

All bird find shelter during rain life 4
All bird find shelter during rain

In the midst of fire,i remind myself that it is actually a light that god sent me to enlighten my way to evolve, to grow,and to actualise my true self and become a better human being.This is when I understand that Life happens for me not to me that it alaways for a reason and purpose that serve me.

inspirational l4
Fire is just a light of GOD


Life is too easy ,Dont Make it complicate.

Why complicate Life life 3
Why complicate Life


Life Goes On,whatever the sitautaion is ..

inspirational  life 1 life goes on
Life Goes ON…


If you stop struggling,then you stop life.

if you stop struggling you stop life l1
if you stop struggling you stop life

7  Rules Of Life

inspiration l5
7 Rules of Life


While writing the story of your life,dont let anyone else hold the pen!

inspirational life 5
your life is only yours!


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass,its learning to dance in the rain

Life is dancing in the rain life 6
Life is dancing in the rain

The secret of Life

The Secret OF LIFE l21
The Secret OF LIFE

Make  your LiFe Memorable,Dont Regret on it EVER…

Make your Life Memorable ! life 101
Make your Life Memorable !

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