Centre’s land acquisition bill is anti-farmer, said by Arvind Kejriwal at Anna protest rally


Joining Anna Hazare’s second day of protest against the contentious land acquisition note of the Area, Delhi Boss Diplomat Arvind Kejriwal termed the programme ‘anti-farmer’.

Kejriwal was among a legion of leaders selection crossways lot lines who linked the ferment on a day the governance introduced the contentious legislation in Lok Sabha amid a posture out by the opposite.

Reminding the BJP of the drubbing that it received at the keeping of the Aam Aadmi Organisation in the City elections, Kejriwal remarked that the group present not ‘forgive a set that creates policies against farmers.’ He extra that flush though his governance does not fuck command over occupation, he testament not accept any benignant of physical acquisition of arrive in the national capital.
This is the premier indication that Kejriwal has shared a diaz with Hazare after the two body parted construction in 2012. In Sep that year, the Bharat Against Corruption (IAC) had dissever after Arvind Kejriwal, who was Hazare’s help at the term, declared his intention of floating a governmental set. Hazare had refused to agree Kejriwal’s political ambitions.
At the dissent garner today, Kejriwal said he considered Hazare as his ‘guru’ and that he give link him in his endeavours.

Tho’ Hazare had early ruled out distribution represent with any leader, political body including CPI’s Atul Anjan and Vaiko of MDMK were among those motion on the podium.
Yesterday, Hazare had said a jail-bharo change module be launched from the Ramlila Attain after carrying out “padyatra” crosswise the state for three-four months.
Accusing the polity of exclusive warm for corporates, Hazare said he instrument not relent dirt government withdraws the controversial prescript.
“The political parties are of the land exclusive. And, group pouring the governing are also from the region. The people who hurt misconduct are also from this country. And, so if farmers are meted out unfairness and if everyone comes unitedly to attempt misconduct, then what is the problem,” Hazare told reporters.

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