How to recover memory of your storage device like USB pen drive in window

Recover your drive memory
Recover your drive memory

Whenever you face the problem with your storage devices like USB pen drive of any storage capacity(2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB) or any other device. Don’t be panic that your storage device gets corrupted and it not will be recovered back.

Today I will let you know the simple command prompt methods that will work in your window system, to easily recover your full disk space of your device.

But before that let me explain you the problem, you may face with your storage device in which this solution will work to recover you drive/disk.

Exactly the issue is about the USB pen drive in which you see that its storage capacity suddenly reduced to some MB instead of GB. I encountered this issue with my friends SanDisk USB pen drive whose storage capacity reduced to 200 MB after burning my USB with bootable image of Linux (Ubuntu 15.04) System with some bootable software on window system.

I get scared about the storage space which its shown as total device size is 200 MB only instead of 2 GB, But when use and boot it to install that Linux version on my computer its work properly, So I thought that once format the USB disk, it will recover full size. After finishing installing of Linux system, I decide it to quickly format it, But its strange to see after being formatted its show only 2 MB free space & also the total size of pen drive as 2MB space. Again I format it on window with full format option but still it’s not get recovered.

Then as usual I tried to Google it about the issue and found this method which helps me to get it recovered in few minutes. It’s so easy only you need to be careful when you selecting the disk value, as one wrong option may lead to lose your valuable data from other disk.

Here’s the step’s you need to follow carefully to recover disk space:

Window command to recover memory of your pendrive Answered question how to recover usb pen drive memory after it being corrupted
Window command to recover memory of your pen drive
  1. Open command prompt with admin rights in window system (tried on Window 7, Window 8, Window 8.1)
  2. Type the word: diskpart , in command prompt and hit enter to allow window to run it.
  3. Now type word: list disk , and check the number of disk with their disk number.
  4. Now insert your USB flash pen drive into your window system, once it detected get back into the command prompt(cmd)
  5. Now again type the word : list disk , and identify your pen drive disk number, which you can easily find it by comparing all disk number with the previous output of command, New disk number which was not present in previous output of command at step 3 is your USB pen drive disk number.
  6. Now type the command: select disk x , where x is the number of you pen drive which you identify in step 5 above.
  7. Once your disk selected in step 6, Now type the command: clean, to clean all non-allocated space from the storage device.
  8. After step 7 is done, you need to type last window command to make a partition on the USB drive: create partition primary
  9. Once you complete all these steps, now your USB pen drive is recovered only you need to perform Format it by Selecting the your storage device in you computer and right-click then select format to start it.

Congratulation, You have done it.
Once you done these nine steps your pen drive or storage device is ready for the use with recovered full capacity.

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