Dance By Sandeep Maheshwari in Hindi | Self Reflection Session


This Self Reflection session is held in kolkata and published on you-tube on 21st December 2016 by Sandeep Maheswari official channel. In this session Sandeep Maheshwari sir discuss and compare life with the Dance.

How Life should be enjoy like a dance with the music rhythm?

To understand the way we need to look our life that will provide us a ultimate blissful life in every situtation, you must watch this session.

Essence of the Session was summarized at the end of video by a superb quotes i.e.

Dance is not a part of life, Dance is Life Itself –Sandeep Maheshwari

Here are some points discussed in this session:

  • Points discussed in session:
  • Life is like a dancing on music rhythm.
  • Once you have understanding, then your enemies also help you
  • Express you like a dance, when you don’t need to think to do… its just like to go with the music rhythm…
  • If you able to dance with life rhythm then can enjoy your life.
  • once you in the dance rhythm zone then you can enjoy & and you become fearless.
  • once you in the flow of rhythm, then you don’t have to think for your action…

Here is a quick video on The Making of “DANCE” session by Sandeep Maheshwari. You might be interested, why in this session he is talking about Dance or what was the thought process behind this session? Watch below video to understand it.


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