Monsoon hits multiple cities of India, While Mumbai enjoy pre monsoon rain

Pre Monsoon Rain fall in Mumbai
Pre Monsoon Rain fall in Mumbai

Rains hit the shores of Mumbai as the city enjoyed a brief spell of showers on the 7th of June, Sunday. It was an unexpected cloudburst and took the people in the city by surprise. The rains were scheduled to arrive on the 10th of June, around the time the monsoons start in the city every year.

The previous year was a disappointment in terms of net rainfall collected a stark contrast to the scenes in 2013. The summer has been unforgiving too and the heat wave has reportedly the worst that has been witnessed over the last few years. The heat have has taken a toll on the entire nation and there has been over 500 deaths that have been reported over the last couple of months.

The summer fury has been unforgiving in the southern part of the country in particular. Mumbai’s monsoons usually coincide with Kerala, with whom they share a coastline. Showers started pouring in the ‘God’s own country’ more than a week ago and the citizens of Mumbai were eagerly awaiting the rains with bated breath. The Met departmtment predicted More pre-monsoon showers are rumoured to be in the offing.

Monsoon In Indian Cities Mumbai Pre Monsoon Rain
Monsoon In Indian Cities

Monsoon is likely to hit Karnataka by Monday, the Meteorological Office in Bengaluru said today. Meteorological Office also forecast chances of rain or thunderstorm in Bengaluru today.

“Though the southwest Monsoon has been weak over coastal Karnataka and south Karnataka, the conditions are favourable for further advance of the southwest Monsoon in more parts of Karnataka in the next 48 hours,” an official with the Meteorological Department said.

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