PM Narendra Modi addressed to farmers issue on AIR programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’

New Delhi: In an effort to improve the agriculture sector of the country, Prime Minister addressed the farmers in his popular radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’. The sixth edition of the PM’s radio programme will be aired today at 11 am.

Modi’s address to the farmers holds significance in view of the unseasonal rains, which have caused devastation of crops and the ongoing fiasco over Land Bill.

The government’s efforts to get the land bill passed did not succeed as opposition parties, which were totally opposed to the land ordinance, continued their resistance in Rajya Sabha even after the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha with nine official amendments.

Highlight of Mann Ki Baat:

– Rumours are doing the rounds that the new Bill will not give right to the farmers to approach court. This is an utter lie: Modi.

– 13 amendments, which were out of the Land Bill due to which farmers were facing loses, have been included in this Bill by our government: Modi.

– We are trying to remove the shortcomings for the welfare of the farmers: Modi.

– Had we not brought Ordinance, the farmer would have continued to loose his land due to old law without being paid for the same: Modi

– People, who sit comfortably in air conditioned rooms, have no idea about the ground reality of villages: Modi.

– We thought there was a need to bring some amendments in the law, we only wish for welfare of people and villages: Modi

– Land acquisition law was brought 120 years ago: Modi.

– Those who are portraying themselves as farmers’ well wishers and protesting against this bill have also governed under this law: Modi.

– I assure all the farmers that I will ask all the state government and Centre to concentrate on the issues raised by you: Modi

– Farmers have send me their suggestions for Mann ki Baat. They have raised the issues related to farming and lack of clean water: Modi.

– When I speak to farmers, I speak to village, I speak to residents of village, I speak to fields and labourers: Modi.

– We can only have a right to govern if we pay attention to small issues as well: Modi.

– It’s a pleasure for me to talk to the farmers from across the country: Modi.

Modi’s address to farmers assumes significance as the agriculture community is currently a subject of debate in the context of the new Land Acquisition Bill which the government is trying hard to get passed by Parliament.

The land bill, which seeks to amend the Land Acquisition Act of 2013, has come under severe criticism from various parties, which contend that it will hurt farmers’ interests.

Ahead of Modi’s address today, Congress president Sonia Gandhi yesterday vowed to fight for the interest of the farmers and asked the BJP-ruled states to ensure timely compensation for those affected by unseasonal rains and hailstorm.

Seeking to strike an emotional chord with distressed farmers during a visit to the affected areas of Haryana, she termed them as “annadata” and emphasised on the need to work unitedly for providing them succour.

“Farmers are our ‘annadata’ (the one who feeds). Today, all of us are sad since our ‘annadata’ are aggrieved. Looking at the plight of farmers, I think it is the responsibility of all of us that we should unitedly work to provide them succour,” she said.

Modi has also invited citizens to share their ideas and thoughts on the subject in the Open Forum at .

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