Ramdev bring a desi noodles made by Patanjali Yogpeeth


Guess who is making the most of it when the popular noodles brand Nestle Maggi is finding itself in absolute turmoil over its questionable adherence to health standards. Surprising though it may sound but Yoga guru Ramdev has jumped on the opportunity and  was quick to announce that his own brand of ‘healthy’ desi noodles, Maggi would hit the market soon.

“There would be no more maida. I will provide a healthy alternative Maggi soon for  children. There won’t be any harmful stuff for the body or anything that creates addiction,” Ramdev told his followers. Taking on Maggi, he said, “Maggi should apologise. And if the government takes strong measures the company should be asked to pack up and leave the country. We don’t need a  company that spreads poison. Maggi is filled with lead. If children have Maggi they would be prone to heart, kidney and liver failures besides cancer.”

Enough to scare of people and attract them to Patanjali-made noodles even if Maggi  stages a comeback. While there is no Patanjali noodles on the market, Ramdev reiterates  his intent to bring to the market a Maggi-type noodles again in the end, along with hair dye and gel.” And Ramdev, didn’t stop at that. He even projected his Powervita that would take on  established health drink brands for children like Complan, Horlicks and Bournvita.

Ramdev Bring a Desi Noodle Ramdev bring desi noodles
Ramdev Bring a Desi Noodle


Calling himself a not-for-profit manufacturer of domestic products, the yoga specialist  cleverly made the whole thing look like a domestic versus foreign issue.

“We are not doing business. We are doing charity. Whatever happens anywhere in the  world we should not compromise our culture, traditions and our self-respect.

We have not started manufacturing domestic products for business. This is the first big experiment in domestic produce. Mahatma Gandhi had vouched for domestic manufacturing  but it was largely limited to khadi,”

Ramdev said. “Khadi Gram Udyog is not running self-sufficiently but on subsidy. For the first time I  have started a revolution in domestic manufacturing where I have not taken a rupee from  the government. Our motto has been world class quality at a low price,” the yoga exponent said.


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