Top five slogans used in Bihar Election by Nitish Kumar to win election


Elections seem to be about three things- rhetoric, posters and slogans, in short massive campaigning. With this Bihar Legislative Assembly elections round the corner, political parties contesting the 2015 elections are going out there using print, digital and even door-to-door methods of campaigning to fight this political battle.

Here are the five top slogans which was used by Mahagathbandhan to win Bihar Election 2015, every Bihari must listen during campaigning days:

Bihar me bahar ho, Nitishe Kumar ho

Phir se ek baar ho Nitishe Kumar ho Post 3 Phir se ek baar ho nitishe kumar ho best songs of bihar election
Phir se ek baar ho Nitishe Kumar ho

The theme song for Nitish Kumar’s election campaign is composed by Sneha Khanwalkar and lyricist Rajshekar. The theme of the song is ‘let there be spring in Bihar, let there be Nitish Kumar. Finally after wining Bihar election this songs is declared as the wining songs for Bihar Election

Jhaanse mein na aye, Nitish ko jitaye

The first to launch the election campaign, Bihar’s current CM Nitish Kumar hired the same consultant who ran Modi’s Lok Sabha campaign in 2014, Prashant Kishor. The posters of Nitish Kumar with a slogan of “Phir ek baar Nitish Kumar” indeed draws similarity from Modi’s “Ab ki baar Modi sarkar”.

Bohot hua jumlo ka vaar, fir ek baar Nitish Kumar

Bahut hua Jumlo kaa waar phir se ek baar Nitish Kumar Post 3 Bahut hua jumlo ka war phir se ek baar nitish kumar
Bahut hua Jumlo kaa waar phir se ek baar Nitish Kumar

The slogan translates as “enough of gimmick attack, once again Nitish Kumar”. Taking a cue from Amit Shah’s “Chunavi Jumla” comment in an interview, Nitish attacked Narendra Modi for being a gimmick master.

Aage badhta rahe Bihar, fir ek baar Nitish Kumar

Aage Badhta rahe Bihar, Fir se ek baar Nitish Kumar Aage Badhta rahe bihar fir ek baar nitish kumar
Aage Badhta rahe Bihar, Fir se ek baar Nitish Kumar

Nitish Kumar has served as a chief minister to Bihar for almost a decade now, focusing on his achievements, his campaigners have come up with this slogan which means- Bihar continues to develop, once again Nitish Kumar.

Yuva rootha, Narendra Modi jhootha

The literal translation of the slogan is that the youth is dissatisfied because Narendra Modi is a liar. The walls of Bihar was infused with such posters.

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